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How to earn amazing cashback vouchers with voucher cloud

There is a website that this year have earned some massive cashback with, Voucher cloud.

Is a website that before this year I haven’t used before, and when it is your first time using one, it is difficult to know how good or otherwise they will be. Importantly will you get paid your cashback?

With voucher cloud, their rates of pay have sounded incredible and have been paid quicker than would be for any other cashback company. 

What is voucher cloud?

voucher cloud

There are two ways to earn and save money through voucher cloud. Different from a cashback company where you get a percentage of the spend back on the purchases, instead they offer vouchers. So when making a purchase, voucher cloud will then send you a pre determined amount in vouchers that you can redeem, through voucher cloud afterwards. A great way to make some extra money on the things that you are buying anyway.

Secondly they also have exclusive discounts and promo codes, that allow you to save money on the purchases as well. 

There are not only online purchases included but also some specific in store offerings that are worth checking out.

You can use them online or on the app. 

How voucher cloud works?

So voucher cloud works the same as any other cashback website, you go on to vouchercloud first, find the website or company that you are going to buy from, and locate the deal. Click through that link, this ‘activates’ the offer, and then you shop as you would do normally.

In the background then they track your purchases on that website, and if you meet the requirements as stipulated on voucher cloud, then after a short pending period then you will be able to redeem your voucher. 

How long does it take to get a voucher? 

My biggest bug bear with cashback companies is how it can take a long time, from activating the reward to getting paid. When I recently claimed a £20 amazon voucher for a recent LEGO purchase. The time taken to be rewarded was really quick. I bought on the 23rd of the month, the offer was confirmed by the 26th and was paid on the 27th. 4 days for the whole process to purchase to cashback is very good.

Which vouchers can you claim?

You can get a variety of different vouchers, and you choose after the offer has been completed as opposed to before hand. 

For the majority of others, you can claim the following vouchers., Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, ASDA, Tesco gift cards

The process was really quick, easy and intuitive, and will definitely have me going back for purchases from different companies. Getting a £20 voucher, back on a £100 purchase is like getting 20% cashback and this far outscores the rates from other providers, even if they were going to pay me in cash. 

How good are the offers?

After having a little browse, I would say it is a bit of a mixed bag, many of the discount codes are not exclusive to voucher cloud and just is what is on offer anyway, if you go straight through to the company, nothing wrong with this but it could be misleading, thinking they are specific to voucher cloud.

There are some really good offers on voucher cloud for cashback vouchers. The LEGO one really comes to mind, as well as there being a £10 voucher for Morrisons purchases. 

I would say there is a few that are very good, and the rest very standard that you can get across the board. I would use it as a site to search on quickly before making purchases to see what is on offer. 

Reminders for all cashback websites

There are some things that should be remembered for all cashback websites. 

Never take it as a guarantee

-Never take the cashback for granted it is not a guarantee that you will get paid, they are reliant on the company paying out, and although 99% of the time there are no problems with the offers, sometimes things go wrong, which can be frustrating, but if you are making purchases that you would have done anyway then you will not have lost out. It is when you are making purchases because of the cashback.

Always read the terms

Alongside each offer there are quick terms of the offer in clear instructions, which will say what is required to earn the cashback, for some the offers will not be earned if used alongside other discounts and codes, be mindful of this as you could invalidate your cashback. 

Make sure it can track and don’t block cookies. 

The magic cookies in the background need to be able to follow the transaction, if you are using ad blockers or are blocking tracking on your phone, then the offer wont be able to track and you won’t get paid. 

Maximise the cashback

That being said there may be ways to stack cashback even further. 

As always, read the terms to make sure you are not going to invalidate the offer, but you may be able to earn more with additional codes. With the LEGO offer, I could also enter another code to get a free gift as well.
Then by making the purchase with cashback credit cards as well you can earn further cashback as well. 

Always check other websites

Check other cashback providers before you settle on voucher cloud as there are often better deals out there, you may be able to earn more cashback through other companies.

What should you do if you don’t get paid?

As I said it happens sometimes that something goes wrong and you don’t get paid for your purchase, if this happens it is always worth contacting them to see why that is cae. Having not used their support I can not attest to say how well they are. And this is often the difference between the best cashback sites. But the fact I havent needed to contact them is good, because it means there have been no problems. 

I would advise keeping all receipts screenshots of your purchases so that if something does go wrong you can show support that you have complied. is their email address for any queries. 

Voucher cloud reviews

There will always be negative reviews for any companies, and particularly with cashback offers they often all have the same problem, overall trust pilot shows a fairly good score, but a minority of poor reviews, I usually take these balanced with a pinch of salt.

Looking at these reviews encourage me to go to voucher cloud as there is much more good than bad, people will always complain for the times it goes wrong as well.

Conclusion: Voucher cloud is to be considered

I can only speak from personal experience for myself, and say the process has been flawless. I have used it a couple of times now and have got much more back than would from anywhere else.

Always read the terms and make sure cookies are enabled, this gives you best opportunity of the offers going through. If they don’t contact support with the relevant information. 
I would advise using voucher cloud alongside other cashback sites, as they may not always have the best offer.

But voucher cloud definitely should be looked at before any purchases are made to see what deals or what cashback you can get!

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