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Is it possible to complete the inbox pounds puzzles and chaos offer?

It has been a while but one of the ways I like to make some extra money is through the mobile games that are on offer on inbox pounds and others but particularly inbox pounds as they are very reliable in their payments. 

I have made hundreds of pounds before on various different games in the past, some are more time consuming than others and therefore would not consider them worthy of my time. Others however have been able to be completed quite passively and with really good rewards.

The latest of which is puzzles and chaos which is tiered in its rewards and is similar to others have completed like puzzles and survival so considered this to be one worth of doing.

But is it achievable?

The puzzles and chaos inbox pounds offer requirements

As i said this is a tiered offer, so you get rewards dependant on the levels you achieve so even if don’t complete the highest level it is still possible to earn some money.

When I signed up mid november the offer was as follows. 

Level 6 – £1

Level 11 £2

Level 16 £10

Level 23 £25

Level 31 £60

You also have the option to purchase a week card which gives you rewards for £5 reward (break even) and a monthly card for £30

If you were to complete using the weekly or monthly cards be prepared to put in a ticket where the others often track really easily whenever i go for these offers i always have to put in a ticket. Here is how

But reward wise you can earn just shy of £100 for playing this game. 

What is puzzles and chaos

So puzzles and chaos is a city builder game where you need to get your HQ (citadel) in this case to the required level – you will have to build other buildings and earn resources to be able to do this. 

Alongside there is also the match 3 puzzle game which gives you the resources and other rewards required to build it. 

Often these games can be quite good as it is a bit of clicking and waiting however you will also have to play the puzzle game to get anywhere in the game and this is the bit that can be time consuming. 

My experience. 

From my experience I have played in my spare time, maybe an hour a day and have got to level 16 with consummate ease but it does then get considerable more difficult to level up as the resources and time you need are considerably higher than the beginning.

I think to get to the top levels considerable game play and perhaps purchase may be required but you can earn the £15 quite comfortably. If you enjoy games like this it may be worth a go to get the higher rewards. 

Some tips

Claim resources by completing events and chapter missions

Speed ups are easier to come by with resources so wouldnt use diamonds to save time, just the speed ups, you will need diamonds to boost the resources.

OInce you unlock the sapphire mine, mine away as much as possible it has a 6 and a half hour time frame so can get 3 done a day if your on it then use these rewards for resources. 

Can earn resources from gathering them and defeating monsters this is time consuming however, but just try and be gathering as much as possible.

A lot of time and a lot of graft required

I think to get to the top levels it would involve a lot of work and graft. 

Getting to Level 21 is hard enough let alone Level 30, this would involve a lot of hard work and time. 
Over all I think it would be possible to get to the level required in the 30 days but you will have to be playing a lot and may then not be worth it. But quite passively can get to the middle rewards, and it is still a decent reward then for these.

I would be wary about buying with cash to get rewards as there is still no guarantee of getting to the higher levels.

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