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Lego Marvel investments 2022

Lego Marvel investments 2022, which sets to invest in?

Lego marvel is a big business, there are so many different sets and different themes within themes to consider. Last year in 2021 and also at the beginning of this year I comfortably doubled my money selling a couple of the different sets. Now I am looking at the current sets that are likely to retire I have made a few picks that I think will be great investments that will likely double my money within the next 12 -18 months.

What do I look for in a good Lego investment?

Our rules of Lego investing are simple but more can be found in my previous posts here.


We buy discounted Lego before it retires, once it retires it will go up in price. To maximise this profit I am looking at 3 elements of a Lego investment.

Popularity, discount and the retiring date. The retirement dates are not always a guarantee, but from previous sets, good estimates can be made. But retirement lists like the ones regularly posted on brick fanatics are a huge help for lego investing.

Lego 76202 Lego 76203 and Lego 76204 Mech Armor


These little sets are on the cheaper end of the Lego marvel sets, all priced at £8.99 each. Cool little sets that are priced very well. They have not been on the market for a huge amount of time only coming out in April 2022 and due to leave this year. Making them an excellent investment opportunity for the following year.

Lego 76202 Wolverine Mech Armor is in the top 1000 toys on amazon

Lego 76203 Iron man Mech armour seems a bit more popular top 400 of all toys

Lego 76204 Black panther Mech Armor equally in the top 1000 of all toys and very high up on building toys

Making all of these very popular Lego sets.

How did similar older sets perform?

There are some very recent similar sets to compare, which show why these are such great investments.


I was fortunate enough to pick up a fair few 76168 Captain America mech at £4.50, I sold these early this year for £20 making 175% profit after fees a very nice profit. I bought in retail clearance whereas the cheapest on amazon was £6.75 but even at that price would still have doubled the money.

Lego 76169 Thor set has followed the same trend and was available at the same discount.

The third Mech set of 2021 76171 Miles Morales has the exact same trend.

This makes me feel even more comfortable with purchasing the 3 2022 sets. Will also be intriguing to know whether the 2021 sets go up much more into q4 2022 as they have not been retired that long.


What discount should you buy?

Well, I was quite lucky to get the 2021 sets at half price for the ones I did – so if see any at half price will be clearing the shelves. But looking at the data anything at 25% or more of I will be buying these sets. Keep a look out on Amazon but imagine a drop will see these go very quick – retail may also be a great shout but again may need to go quick best joy last year for these was Morrisons or Sainsburys


Lego 76190 Marvel Iron man monger mayhem, another good investment?

Another popular Lego marvel set that is due to retire this year is Lego 76190 in the top 1000 of all toys it came out in June 2021 and is on those retired Lego sets for the end of the year.

Brick fanatics retirement list – August 2022

I would want a decent discount as always with these and this one has recently been at £20 down from 34.99 to a whopping 43% discount so is one that I am going to take a punt on looking for a decent profit in 18 months. Could see this getting to £55-60 on amazon potentially and doubling money.

Popular well discounted and retiring soon you know what to do

There are some great other opportunities out there, the biggest thing is finding them at the right discount. So will be having a look at the retirement lists further to see what else will be a good buy.

Stay tuned for more sets that i hope to double my money with.

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