Current Lego Technic sets updated February 2022

Lego technic current sets on market updated February 2022

Here are all of the Lego Technic sets that are currently on the market as of February 2021. Making it easy to see how long each set has been on the market and at a quick glance how good the discount is.

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Also, check out my 3 Lego technic sets that I believe will be great investments over the next 12-24 months and the reasons why here.






3 current Lego technic sets that will be good investments in my opinion and why


In my Lego investment journey when I first started a year ago, my buys were random and although many have already and I believe many will make good investments. They were probably not all the best purchases for a variety of reasons.

1) Lego 42111

2) Lego 42110

3) Lego 42121

Read more here for the reasons why

The average expiry date of Lego technic sets

If there is an excuse to make a spreadsheet then I am all over it, so I thought I would make another, this time I have looked at Lego technic sets, released since 2016 to find out the average expiry date of Lego technic sets is.

This will give us a good understanding when looking at investments about when to snap up the buys hopefully.

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