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Stock up on frozen food with the 4 for £5 Asda deal But is the deal any good?

I am always on the lookout for some ways to save money on my shopping, and lately, with Asda and their cashpot rewards app I have been exploring ways to both save for Christmas and save money on the food I buy all the time. 

This month Asda have had a good deal on some frozen food, that if you were to buy individually from Asda would cost twice what it would normally. 

The 4 for £5 deal and what is included

If you seek the frozen section online or in-store you can get a host of frozen items, that are normally priced at £2.50 each, for half the price when you bulk buy just four items. 

The vast majority of products are priced at £2.50 each. 

The list of food includes the following:
7 different Goodfellas pizzas

Over 10 Birds eye chicken grills, nuggets and chicken burgers


There are some less favourable items as their individual price is less

Birds eye Garden peas £1.60

Birds eye veggie fingers £1.80


Is the deal any good

Often with these deals despite the appealing nature of half price food,the deals are often not quite as good as they seem, so is the deal has good as it seems, and the only way to compare is to seek out other prices elsewhere at other supermarkets, to see if your deal is any good. 

Yes if Asda is your only source of shopping then this is certainly a great deal. But how does it compare when priced individually at other stores? 

We have made a selection to compare against other places. 

Lets say then for each item in the 4 for £5 you are getting them for £1.25 each. A very competitive price

Lets start with the pizzas

If you were going to buy them at Sainsbury, you would be paying way above that at about £3 each. So even before the deal, you are paying over the odds. 

Tescos have a small selection at £1.75 at their Clubcard prices, so cheaper than the Asda RRP but not cheaper than the deal price. 

However, if you go off-brand at Aldi, you could get some pizzas that I would say are the equivalent at some below the £1 mark. However not all and some equivalents would still be more than the £1.25 mark. 

For the chicken products

Again the deal looks pretty good compared to Aldi, even with the quantity being more for the Aldi products you are paying about £2.75 for chicken Kievs for 4 so close in price, but Asda still comes up trumps. 

The fish fingers again you can buy in bulk for bigger sized packs you could save some money by buying them in bulk. But the price in comparison for like-for-like products on the other comparable supermarkets. 

Sainsburys has a bigger selection on chicken steak products with the nectar prices putting some at £1.50 so good but still above the Asda deal. 

Tescos is similar if not even a little worse with their clubcard deals putting some of these at the £1.75 mark. 

Overall yes buying a budget may be the way to go with Aldi or Lidl going off brand but even then the prices are very close. 

I personally really like this selection from Asda there is a lot to choose from at a very good price so you can stock up that freezer on a budget. That can get you a whole host of meals for the week. 

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