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3 Lego technic sets to invest in in 2022

3 current Lego technic sets that will be good investments in my opinion and why


In my Lego investment journey when I first started a year ago, my buys were random and although many have already and I believe many will make good investments. They were probably not all the best purchases for a variety of reasons.

So, after creating a list of all the Lego technic sets that are currently on the market that can be found here. I thought it would be a good idea to think more logically about which sets (that when on a discount) I would be looking at buying to make a good return on investment.

My rules of Lego investments


So in my limited experience, I have come up with a few things that I look out for now when buying.

The popularity of a set and the theme itself

So firstly technic lego is always very popular, this is likely because they are quite unique and well sought out for collectors. With particular brands and models of cars etc that will do well. They are also good for a wide variety of ages, children love playing with technic but so do adults.

The discount

There is often a good discount on Lego Technic sets as well at some time during their time on the market. It is just a case of snapping them up at great discounts. I am probably looking for at least a 25% discount on most sets, but also can be a lot more and up to 40 and sometimes even 50%.

The time it has been on the market

Thirdly I also look at how long the set has been on the market and likely how long before it retires. When first starting I bought a few new sets that had only been on the market for a short period of time.

This was likely not the best idea as then the hold time was much longer and as I am waiting for the sets to retire in order to hit my designated ROI (the golden standard of 100% ROI) it was capital at waste.

The average expiry date for lego technic

So taking a deeper dive into lego technic sets it is clear that most sets are on the market for 1 – 2 years some however have been for over 3 years. So if I don’t know a set is going to retire for most I will probably look at 18 months on the market

The 3 current sets I am considering for investment

So for all of these reasons, through research and some gut feeling these are the sets I believe will be good investments at the right price and the reasons why.


  1. LEGO 42111 Technic Fast & Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger Racing Car Model Iconic Collector’s Building Set

The first set I am considering is 42111, this is a fast and furious dodge charger set


My common sense logic is that this will be popular with fast and furious fans and American muscle car fans. Perhaps not one that is flying off the shelf at RRP but feel like it will do well once retired and the supply gets limited

In its first year around Christmas time after it sold out it was going for over RRP by 20 – 30 quid.

As always you would want to get it at a discount RRP of £89.99 I would probably snap this set up at a 3rd off at about £60.

It has been around this price as well before Christmas 2021 it was going for less than £55 on amazon. So we hopefully will see that price again. Definitely would want it at discount.

Lastly, this set has been out for a while now release date was April 2020 so we may well see this retire this coming year. Making the hold smaller may be only one or two years.


2) LEGO 42110 Technic Land Rover Defender Off Road 4×4 Car, Exclusive Model Advanced Building Kit, Collectable Toys Set

The second set I am considering and one that I have bought a couple of is Lego 42110 the land rover, which is huge by the way so if you were selling on eBay the postage would be a lot more. I would hope to sell mine on amazon


Again being a land rover it is going to a highly collectable item. My dad bought and built this set and it is awesome to look at.

Selling on for £174.99 this is a more expensive technic set but a lot of the technic sets are. But they have always been on a very decent discount

We were fortunate to get ours at just under £100 at £99.64 making it a whopping discount, although you look at amazon and they have the rrp at £159.99. But that is still a huge discount.


The set again has also been out for a long time, with this one being released in October 2019 so well over 2 years now, surely this is retiring now? Right, well never say never but I would expect so surely.

It has never much been sold for the £175 mark as new on amazon, and sits around normal price £120 -£130 as a couple of times dipped too much closer to £100 and at this point, I would be much more comfortable with it.

The more I look at this set the more comfortable I feel with it, it has a lot going for it a good discount, popular and collectable and nearing retirement. Maybe a slightly longer hold to get to 100% but very confident it would get there.


3) Lego 42121 Heavy duty excavator

Whereas the other two there isn’t much similar technic sets this one is more the bread and butter of technic the big constructions sets.

This is a slightly cheaper one at £34.99 and has not been out for as long as others coming up to a year, as the release date was March 2021.

This was close to when it had a tenner off which may explain but it is doing well, again feel it will be popular with kids and grown-ups alike and have great collectability

Comparison to similar set would be 42094 a 2019 set that was out for a year, Which RRP was £54.99 and retired  is currently selling on amazon for £120+

You could have easily got this set for £40 and under whilst on the market so easily looking at 100% ROI after a couple of years

I think if you get 42121 for 25 and under you are again looking at a great investment. It has gone to 30 a few times which I would be tempted but loads of ways to stack a discount and get for 25 on a dip. It was very briefly last week £25 and flew out from amazon.


As I said at the start these are just my thoughts and murmurings do your own research, what may be a good buy for one person may not be for another. It is an investment, not a quick buck.

Post in the comments any of your thoughts as well I would really appreciate them, you think I am wrong, what sets look better? all welcome


Thanks for reading as always





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