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Nectar points calculator; track your balance and earn more

Nectar is one of the best loyalty schemes around, you can earn from a huge variety of places, and redeem in lots of ways. Here is everything you need to track what you have with our nectar points calculator, and all of the ways to earn those juicy nectar points.

Nectar points calculator

Nectar points calculator

Calculate quickly how much your nectar points are worth in cash.


Get started with Nectar

Nectar is a great way to earn extra. Linked with Sainsbury and many other retailers. Nectar is a loyalty card scheme, that rewards you in the form of points when you shop at participating stores.

Sign up with Nectar here

I always like to save up my nectar points each year and then use them for Christmas presents or food at either Sainsburys or Argos, but there is many other ways you can earn nectar points.

Shopping at these two partner sites each 500 nectar points is worth £2.50. These can easily be added up throughout the year as there are many places to earn from.

All the places to earn Nectar points

These are all the places that you can earn Nectar points with:


The core Nectar partner, is Sainsburys and there are a host of ways to earn points with sainsburys:

  • 1 point per pound spend at sainsburys (half a penny for each pound)
  • 1 point for every litre of fuel at Sainsburys petrol stations
  • You can also get Money off a whole host of items in store with ‘Nectar prices’ very similar to ‘clubcard prices’ so if use nectar card at checkout you will get the discounted price.
  • As well as this you can also get personalised nectar prices with the scan as you shop app, so if you use scan as you shop and buy certain products (often ones you normally buy) you will get your discounted price.


Get 1 point per £ spend on eBay, just need to link nectar to your account
Very easy to do – check it out here


You can also get a point per £ for all your Argos purchases as well, and this is really easy as you can simply add your nectar card to your argos account and then will get the points without even thinking about it. (If buy online or click and collect)
Argos nectar link

Swap your points round with British Airways

You can swap your Nectar points for Avios points and vice versa

Other retailers

There is a whole bunch of other retailers where you can earn points as well

  • Esso – Collect 1 point per litre of fuel and 2 points per £1 spentlink
  • Nectar Hotels – Earn with Nectar hotels (linked with – link
  • Amex Nectar – Can get 20,000 nectar points with Amex nectar card – link
  • Woodland Trust – 20 Nectar points for every £1 spent on Woodland Trust membership fees – Link
  • Dulux Collect 2 points per £1, when you shop at Dulux Decorator Centre – Link
  • Viking – Collect 2 points per £1, when you shop at Viking –
  • Sainsburys insurance – there is a whole host of insurance offers, but would only look at these if you were going to go with Sainsburys anyway

Amongst the partner offers there are also cashback type offers, so when you go to the link through the Nectar website and make your purchase normally, then your points will be paid within 90 days normally.

Would say though there may well be better cashback than these offers out here, so may be worth checking other sites as well as these offers. Offers such as Argos eBay etc, will be able to earn nectar points in addition to any cashback as it is an offer with the nectar card linked where as these above more traditional cashback links. So check which offer it is.

Full list here

Used the Nectar points Calculator? Time to spend what you have

Now you have accrued all those points and can see the cash value it is time to spend those Nectar points

Here is how to spend and how to redeem those hard earned Nectar points.

You need a minimum of 500 points to spend and can then redeem in portions of £2.50 (500 points)


You can spend your Nectar points online or in store really easily when you get to the checkout.


Online at checkout page or in store- make sure you bring your card


For eBay you have to redeem a voucher on the eBay website my ebay page. Then can use this to take off your balances Link here


For Esso you can get money off your petrol using 300 points off your nectar card which would be worth £1.50 so if filling up more than 30 litres you are getting even more for your money.

Here is how

  1. Fill up at a participating Esso branded service station
  2. Swipe your Nectar card at the point of pay
  3. Select ‘5p/litre for 300 points’ option when you pay
  4. The 300 points deduction will appear on receipt


Get £20 voucher with 4000 points

  1. To redeem your points (minimum 4000) for a voucher simply call Nectar on 0344 811 0811 and select option 3 to spend your points
  2. Let your contact centre representative know you’d like to spend your points with Dulux Decorator Centre
  3. Your credit voucher(s) will be delivered within 21 days


Get a £10 voucher with Eurostar Link here


Get discounted with Habitat in store or online minimum 500 points. Link here

Get any sized hot drink for 350 points at Caffè Nero.

Redeem your points for a Nero coffee –

Keep a look out for big nectar bonus offers

Another trick to get some extra Nectar points is with particular Argos or eBay they will quite often do big multiplier offers – where you can get 5 or 10 times points for example for purchases through their site.

Definitely something to keep a look out for to boost that Nectar points balance.

Whether your saving for Christmas or regularly taking off your monthly shopping or saving for something huge. These points are a great way to save, and done right you will do it without even noticing and save a pretty sum.

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