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One of the easiest free share offers is back check out the trading 212 sign up offer

This is an offer that has been around for some time, it is a nice way of making some really easy money, and get your investing started.

Trading 212 was one of the first mobile apps that really took off in making it really easy to invest anywhere, years ago, the hassle to try and invest was very hard work. But with trading 212 investing is for everyone

We are mainly here however for the easy to claim free share offer

How to claim the free share with Trading 212 sign up offer

1. Sign up to Trading 212 with


3. Deposit minimum of £1 in to account

4. Within a couple of days the free share will be credited.

5. Then you can either sell the share or hold it

6. After 30 days you will able to withdraw your funds.

Don’t forget to tell your friends, as for the first 5 friends that sign up with your link you will get a free share as well as them.

Simple as that, and that is what we like nice easy ways to earn some free money.

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