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Play free games and competitions to win free money every single day No risk

Play free games and competitions to win free money every single day no risk


Competitions and free games are an excellent way to make some free money, completely and utterly risk free. Every month I win a few quid here and there by entering daily competitions or by playing free games that literally take no more than seconds. A lot of these are linked to gambling services, bookmakers etc, but doing it this way you are never gambling, you are only getting a chance at some free money. 

2023 Competition earnings so far: £35.88 (Updated May 2023)

Now this is not going to make you rich but free money is free money. If I can earn an extra £50-100 for a consistent few seconds each day then that has got be a good, and maybe just maybe will get a big win one of these days.

Here is a list of all the best ones that I use every day. 

Bet 365 Golden goal – Get chance at free bets every week

If you have a bet 365 account you log in each day Monday to Friday (after 14:00) find the golden goal giveaway, and click on it to select a random match, then if there are 5 or more goals in a game you get a free bet. If over the 5 games there are more than 20 goals you get even more free bets, up to a possible £10 worth of free bets each week. These bets you can then put on events for free chances of winning money.

Bet 365 also are renowned for their offerings of free bets, and also other free games which although aren’t daily but give more chance of free bet credits. 

Free4all – where have to answer questions before and during a live game, if get all four correct get £10 free bet credits

6 scores challenge – where if guess correctly can win £1,000,000 unlikely but there are smaller offerings
£1,000 for 5 correct, £50 for four correct and £5 for 3 correct.

2023 bet 365 earnings so far: £12

Sky Vegas prize machine


This is a quick one to do each day, spin the prize wheel and get a chance at a prize often a cheap 10p scratch card or some cheap free spins, but these again give you free chances at winning money and can all add up.


They also have super 6 which gives chances of winning big money but the likelihood is not high, but a free punt is a free punt. 

Sky equally have the odd free bet available so is worth having in your armoury.

Sky 2023 earnings: £8.42

Paddy power wonder wheel 

Very similar to the sky Vegas wheel, spin the wheel every day and can win cash prizes or free bets, scratch cards or free spins, will win a few pence here and there. 

Paddy power is also good for those free bet opportunities when they come as well.

Ladbrokes instant spins

Ladbrokes is another one for some good free games, first the spin wheel gives you chances of winning some prizes, this can be done every day and is one that probably get the most luck with to be honest.

There is also the 1 – 2 free game, that by predicting three football results can get a chance to win £100 and of course by getting just 1 or 2 right can win some free bets

William hill Bonus drop

bonus drop

William hill has the bonus drop that you can win bit of cash with for free as well. Worth a couple of clicks every day to see what you could get your hand on. 


ever up

EverUp is a mobile banking service that gives you chances to win some money and prizes every day. Ideally you need to hold £25 in the account to take advantage of cash scratch card. 

Each day you get some free games to play that can win you coins that can enter bigger competitions or normally when I get to 100k I put it on the Manchester scratch card and often win 10-20p but again all adds up. There are more premium options but to be honest they are not worth it. 

Sign up with ever up here

Pick my postcode

pick my postcode

Formally the free postcode lottery, this lottery site gives you a number of chances every single day to win some money, if your post code comes up. You will have to be dedicated and check every single day for this one. I find it bit tiresome at times and often forget. But if you can work it into your daily schedule it is a good competition to enter that has paid out a lot in the past. 

I have never won my self but Emma from Bee money savvy says she has recently won £324 from this site so not bad at all 

Oh my dosh daily chance at winning £10

oh my dosh

Oh my dosh is one of my favourite sites for earning extra money through their free sign up offers and profitable cashback offers. 

But they also have a free daily prize draw where you can log in and check if you are the lucky user, you will need to claim the prize on the day and it appears many of the prizes go unclaimed for the free £10 (no rollover unfortunately)
Link here

Other daily competitions to try and see how they go

I am on the hunt for more daily competitions that take a few seconds to click each day. 

As I find and discover them I will add them her for perusal 

Make money without a job daily draw

This is another very quick and easy one, you can log in each day and see if you are the lucky user, if you are you have to click claim on the day of the prize, if you don’t your chance will go. 

Any unclaimed prizes will roll on to the next day – so you really need to be consistent with this one. 

Here is the link to find out more about the draw and to sign up

Draw – Make Money Without A Job

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