Intellizoom has been my favourite site of the last 6 months.

It's tests are quick and easy to complete, I get rewarded well for my time and get paid directly into my paypal account. I have had no issues of missing payments. It has all just been brilliant and this year in 2021 I have earnt so far....


The reason why I love this site as well is that the level of work needed is so minimal.

What is user testing?

User testing is basically where a company will pay you to test out their website and app, and the usability of it. Often in prototype form, so they can see how you go through their website what works and what doesn't

What is intellizoom?

Intellizoom offers this exact service by hosting the companies and finding participants to test them acting as the middleman to paying you for testing a companies product

Intellizoom offers two main types of studies really, the first one being the 'card sorting' study, in this one, it will have a list of items, that you need to sort into categories, so like what sub menus you would put them in and stuff. It is normally quite easy to do, and easy to follow, normally takes a few minutes, and then some quick questions afterwards about how you found it. These normally pay about $5

The second type of study is the 'think out loud' studies, in these ones which will either be able to complete on a phone or website. It will specify in the email. You have to complete the task set like go to a specific page, and talk through what you're doing how easy you are finding it, it doesn't record your cam, but it will record your screen and your microphone. So need to be comfortable talking about what you're doing while you're doing it. Really easy to do, Ideally need a quiet environment to do these in as well. You get paid $8 for these ones and they tend to take between 5 - 15 minutes

How to start?

It is free to sign up (ofcourse), you fill out the fairly extensive demographic questions first of all. Which will take a little bit of time but no more than 10 minutes

Then you complete a short test, which will give you an idea about the type of studies, pay attention to this test, this is your chance to get into the panel it is not hard at all, but you got one chance you fail and gone, so take your time and don't rush through it as otherwise you wont get on the panel.

Then once done these two it is a case of waiting to see if you have been accepted, I think it may have taken some time maybe a month to get accepted. But once you do then the studies come rolling in

The studies will be emailed to you, once you complete them you will then get paid within 21 working days of completing the study directly to Paypal, which you should have set up through the intellizoom website.

The payment sometimes can be quite quick and in within a couple of days and then othertimes, will take the three weeks, no real rhyme or reason. What I do is keep track of whenever I have completed a test and then if the time were to come when should have been paid and wasn't I would chase up with the company.

This genuinely has not happened to me yet.

Pros and cons:

As with all sites it has got his upsides and downsides

The good points of intellizoom are plentiful.

The pay for the time spent is very good indeed, and well worth your time doing unlike some surveys

Paid directly through paypal

No screen outs half way through or at the end, the first couple of questions will determine whether your suitable, be mindful of that to get accepted for more.

I like the email alerts no need to check the website


Well there are not tonnes of studies, and can be quite sporadic, can have none for a week and then 4 in a day. On average however I am getting £30 - 50 a month

You have to be quick off the mark, they tend to hang around for a bit, but the best advice would be as soon as you see one snap it up quick, as it may have gone by the time you get there

Others have said haven't had much joy on here so maybe that is a demographic question


Just three words really to say, SIGN UP NOW, if your looking at finding other ways to make money online this is one of the easiest by a country mile, it is extremely easy to do and set up, great pay, paid straight to Paypal. It's just awesome