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WeBull Sign up offer. Get an easy four free fractional shares

WeBull has been in the united states for some time, and is a reputable investment platform. Now finally in the UK there is an incredible opportunity for some free fractional shares. You will at the very least get $20 free. But each share is worth between $5 and $2,000 so there is the potential for much more if you are lucky. But a guaranteed $20 with the WeBull sign up offer is not to be sniffed at.

we bull sign up offer

This is the latest free money offer. I love these offers as they can be done easily and quickly and are a great way top top up your balance with ease. whats more tell your friends and family and you can earn even more.

How to complete the WeBull sign up offer?

The steps to complete this offer are quite straightforward and easy

  1. Sign up with a referral link – Here is mine
  2. Download the app
  3. Log in with the details you have created
  4. Go through the verification process, this was easy enough to do
  5. Tick all the right boxes and upload proof of address and ID
  6. Deposit a small amount into the app. (I did £20 but it could be less)
  7. Finish one of the educational courses. (Go on to the menu and then learning center and complete one of these)
  8. Then make one small trade, so buy some shares. (For fractional shares change to market buy)
  9. Then you will get your four free shares.

Refer your friends for 10 more free Shares

Once you have signed up you can then invite your friends and if they sign up and deposit you will then earn for a limited time 10 free shares as well as them earning four more. A seriously incredible offer not to be missed.

What different shares can you earn with WeBull and what are the chances?

There are four different shares that you can get. With differing amounts and differing chances of getting them.

  1. Apple $5 – 98.89% likelihood (Of the 14 free shares 13 of them have been this one
  2. Tesla $10
  3. Amazon $100 (1 of my free shares was this one)
  4. Google $2,000

Any questions or issues whilst completing this offer you can always contact me or on twitter

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