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3 great ways to get more cashback on lego purchases

2 great Lego investments and boosted discount with 3 different cashback methods

Today I bought two Lego sets as investments, they were both cracking discounts. One from Amazon and one from George Asda of all places. With both of them, I have saved even more with cashback deals. A handy small example of how you can save and earn even more if bought smart.


Amazon purchases: Lego 71360 Super Mario starter course. £19.97

This was an absolutely cracking deal, although Lego Mario is still a bit of an unknown investment, this set I am confident on doing well post-retirement, it being the starter course. It has been out a couple of years now and is still very popular. With a stonking discount. I think this set at this price will easily make a 100% return on investment. Probably much much more. Time will tell


But anyway despite the already huge discount. By buying through zilch I managed to get £15 off this set, from a zilch referral. If you are new to zilch you can get £15 as well if sign up through my link. Check out my step by step guide on how to sign up.


Also through zilch if you pay in full (always advised) you are buying it with the zilch card but this card is just linked to one of your other cards, so you won’t pay a penny extra but it will go through zilch and then you can also earn 2% cashback. You won’t find amazon on any other cashback websites so this really is a huge deal.


All this cashback will all add up.



Asda George purchase. Lego 42123 Technic Mclaren senna GTR

The second set that I bought today was the beautiful Lego 42123, another set in its second year. Technic which is established as doing well post-retirement and a very popular set as well. First of all the deal itself was great at £30. Long have I been waiting for amazon to drop to this, and they didn’t even price match today. But we got to £30 with someone else.

But I was not done with £30. I also wanted to get some more cashback on it as well and with top cashback, through George, you can get 4.25% cashback on online purchases. Pretty damn good so at a £30 transaction that should be £1.27 back. Which is a nice little boost of money to put back in.

top cashback george


Also to get even more cashback, I also used my chase bank account debit card which for the next year will give me 1% on all my debit card purchases (well nearly all) so that is another 30 p back as well. The beauty of it is that I don’t need to do anymore to it I can just use that card and those earnings can build up in my rewards account

(If new to chase you can also get £20 if sign up with my referral code and deposit £20 … very easy money)

Cashback is a great passive income earner

I am on a bit of a cashback hunt at the moment, some of these are just a case of changing what I use to get some money back, others it is a bit of a longer process. But it takes seconds, and the more these purchases become bigger and the more cashback is utilised it can really help the money come in.

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