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All the reasons why Dscout market research is my favourite one

I have always been a fan of Market research, but my favourite app by far has to be DScout, so far I have earned over £300 from DScout, and for several reasons, I think it is the best market research option around. 

Dscout is a bit different to other market research sites and different in a great way, here is why. 

It is on an App

Dscout is different firstly because everything can be done on the app, making it easier to do the screening, and the missions themselves at the time that suits you on your phone. 

Available on Apple and Android, it is really easy to keep track of your progress. 

A great variety of different sessions

There are lots of different opportunities that you can get paid for. There are live missions, that are at set times and are the equivalent of focus group interviews.Diary studies, that will have to complete bit of work on different days to get paid. Remote sessions which you can do at your own time, so it doesn’t matter when you do them as long as you get it done at some point through the deadline. 

Easy to apply and again at times that suit you

One of my biggest frustrations with other Market research sites is that you do the initial application, then hear nothing back for sometime, then get an opportunity for further screening by getting a phone call. Often I miss these phonecalls as I am at work. 

With D scout you can apply at your convenience. There will be questions and often a video recording to assess suitability, but this is a lot more convenient than waiting for a phone call and missing out. 

Wide variety of studies

I have done studies from D scout on a wide variety of different topics and subjects, anything from food to finance. This means the likelihood of you getting into one of their missions is much more likely. 

A great rate of pay

Unlike surveys your time on Dscout will always be worth it, your time is worth more than Qmee surveys, and Dscout knows that and pays you a good amount for your time. For an hour of work you could easily get between £50-100

Paid reliably and easily 

I have never had an issue chasing payment with D scout and you get paid via PayPal which is always a fast and convenient way to pay. 

Now you can get rewarded for inviting friends

Now as well Dscount has a small referral program where you can get $2 if a friend that you invited signs up and completes a mission, this is at a maximum of $20 so not a huge amount, but still every little helps. Your friends will also thank you for getting them into a site where you can earn some great bonus money. 

If you want a good way of making some decent money that is worth your time, at times that suit you then Dscout is what you should be looking at right now. 

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