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August 2022 Two more learn and earn Coinbase answers ALEPH and HOPR free crypto

Aleph and HOPR Coinbase learn and earn answers

Coinbase is really pumping out the Learn and Earn opportunities at the moment.

These are great opportunities to earn some free cryptocurrency, completely free and with minimal work. All you need to do is answer some very quick quiz questions. 3 questions for each cryptocurrency and your crypto will instantly be in your account simple as that.

Hopr Earn $3 of HOPR with 3 very easy and quick questions

1)    What function of the HOPR protocol’s messaging layer is known as “hopping”?

Answer: Routing data through multiple nodes to protect the privacy of the sender and receiver

2)    How can token holders earn HOPR NFTs to boost their staking rewards?

Answer: By participating in HOPR’s testing, governance and promotional activities

3)    What does HOPR envision for the future?

Answer: Expanding its use case across various industries and creating a DAO

Aleph Earn $3 free crypto with coinbase learn and earn

1)     What is

Answers:  A decentralized cloud computing network

2)    What problem is solving?

Answer: Providing the power to fully decentralize applications

3)    What can the ALEPH token be used for?

Answer: To access computing and storage resources

Keep or convert to another crypto

You have two options with this free crypto, you can either keep it or if you wish could convert it to your favourite crypto. This is really easy to do, just click on assets and find the asset you want to sell or convert. Click on convert and choose your chosen crypto to convert it to. The fee of which is free.

You could also sell but would face a £0.99 fee

Signing up for coinbase

If you haven’t already signed up to Coinbase, you can with ease and be able to take advantage of these and past and future learn and earn opportunities.

Really easy to sign up, you will need to verify your ID with your passport or driving license. Click the link, sign up and once verified can go to the ‘learn’ section to find all the available learn and earn opportunities.

Topcashback sign up for extra money

There is another way to get some extra money with Coinbase through Topcashback if new to Coinbase. The amount to be earned depends on the offer. If it is the first trade of less than £70 you can get £20 free cashback. If the trade is however more than £70 you can make £40 cashback, an absolutely cracking offer. As you could if you wished to sell the crypto straight away and after fees would be looking at a good profit.

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For more crypto learn and earn and more ways of making money

Right now there are two more great learn and earn offers.

Project galaxy again on coinbase

Polkadot $14 free on Revolut

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