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New Coinbase learn and earn project galaxy answers

New Coinbase Learn and earn project galaxy answers.

Coinbase has got another learn and earn opportunity, to get some free cryptocurrency. With Coinbase learn and earn project galaxy you can get $3 worth of free cryptocurrency that can be converted to any crypto you choose for free.

All you have to do is answer 3 simple questions which you can find the answers here.

Coinbase learn and earn project galaxy answers

Question 1: Who does Project Galaxy think should control credential data?

Answer: The Community

Question 2: Which of the following can developers NOT use open credential data for?

Answer: Buying and selling NFT’s

Question 3: What is NOT a possible use of the GAL token?

Answer: Staking


Once redeemed you can then convert this crypto into whichever one you wish completely free and devoid of fees – a nice way of boosting your balance for 2 minutes of work

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