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Five super easy ways to save money on Argos shop

It is quite often that I am buying stuff on Argos (normally toys or Lego for little ones) so I have tried to find all the different ways to save money on Argos purchases.

So here they all are grouped into one place. 

Number 1: £5 marketing Argos reward

If you sign up for marketing emails from Argos, and haven’t already on that email, then you can get a £5 off voucher a £40 spend.

Just click this link, enter your email and your voucher will be emailed to you straight away. 

You can do this on as many accounts as you have email addresses.

But importantly it will work on any other account, so can still be used on your main account. 

Number 2: Get instant cashback with Jam doughnut

Jam doughnut gives you instant cashback on your purchases by giving you an option of buying an instant voucher, you can buy this voucher and then use it straight away on Argos checkout. Your cashback is then paid instantly into Jam doughnut account.

This is a brilliant way to make your purchases cheaper. By getting the money back instantly as well it is more appealing than some other cashback options.

You can also get 200 points (£2 in jam doughnut rewards by signing up with my link)

You need to get to £10 of rewards in Jam doughnut to be able to cash out

Number 3: Airtime rewards  2% cashback when using a linked card

Airtime rewards is a cool little app that lets you earn cashback that you can use to pay off your phone bill.

All you need to do is link your card, then when you make purchases on the various places you automatically get the cashback in your account, no need to click through links or anything just need to add your payment cards to the app. 

Sign up with my referral link here

Number 4: General Cashback sites

The cashback sites, are not the greatest value to save money on Argos shop, you can get more for a new customer but minimal amount for existing customers, but if not using the other options then every little helps.


For new customers you can get quite a good range of discount, however existing customers just 0.85% (4% for new customers however) which is pretty good)

My Topcashback referral link


Quidco is very similar to top cashback prices. With 5% for new customers but just 0.5% for existing customers. 

You will likely have to wait some time before the cashback gets paid in your account, but these are the two most prolific cashback websites. 

Number 5: Earn nectar points on Argos purchases 

Another little way to boost your Argos purchase is to add your nectar card to your Argos account, then you will automatically get 1 point (half a penny) for every £1 you spend on Argos

Or if you have Nectar points saved up you can also use these to take off the Argos purchase as well. 

1 point per £1 – (half a pence) (0.5%)

See how to link Nectar and Argos here

I like to store up my nectar points for the year and then splurge at Christmas which is a good way of doing it. 

Ofcourse there are other ways of boosting these purchases, I am fortunate to have access to a rewards program as a work scheme, that gives you 6% instant voucher cashback, this makes any purchase considerably cheaper.

You could also buy with a cashback credit card to get points directly from the purchase.

Basically whenever you make a purchase the savvy among us will ask, what can I get back from this? This way of thinking is an excellent way to earn and save some money.

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