Lego investing

Lego investing

Welcome to the Lego homepage to talk about all things Lego. One of the most novel ways of growing my money is Lego investing. Simply by buying discounted Lego, waiting until it retires, waiting until it hits the right price point I can double my money after fees.


Lego investing #1 – Making money by investing in Lego, Yes really Lego


At the beginning of 2021, when on the hunt for more money-making adventures and about the time I started to actually use my Twitter account, I stumbled upon a few accounts on Twitter, that were talking about Lego and how to make money from ‘investing’. Now I am a curious soul, so I delved into it a bit more and there were some clear principles as to why this was a viable investment option and one that looked a much safer investment with fantastic high returns.

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Current Lego sets I am looking to invest in

The more I have been investing in Lego the more I am trying to optimise my buys. So I am now trying to look at the different sets that I am looking to invest in.


Lego Harry Potter investments 2022

Recently we looked at past Lego Harry Potter sets that have retired over the last couple of years, and it was clear that 100% return on investment, within 1 – 2 years is very very doable.

Which Harry Potter sets am I looking to buy in 2022?


Maximise your Lego discount with these Loyalty cards

Last year the vast majority of my Lego investing purchases were made through four stores. Firstly online amazon, but in person, Argos, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

loyalty cards

Save and make extra money with these Loyalty cards to help boost your income when investing in Lego.

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