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Mina learn and earn answers

Get $3 Free Mina crypto, The latest Coinbase learn and earn answers

I have made quite a bit of money/cryptocurrency from the Coinbase learn and earn campaigns. Not a huge amount but it does all add up. Get the Mina learn and earn answers right here to earn some free cryptocurrency

Mina learn and earn answers


MINA Coinbase answers

To claim the $3 worth you just need to answer 3 quick questions. (If you don’t fancy watching the videos)

Here they are

Question 1: What is Mina?
Answer: A lightweight blockchain that remains around 22kb even as it scales Question 2: What are zkApps?
Answer: Privacy-preserving decentralized applications Question 3: What role does the MINA token play in the Mina blockchain?
Answer: It’s used for transaction fees, block rewards, and purchasing proofs in the Snarketplace


Simple as that you have got some free MINA. These learn and earn campaigns are a great way of getting some free crypto and Coinbase is the best.

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