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Play this new game on sky bet for a chance to win some free money

Play this new game on Sky Bet for a chance to win some free money

Always on the hunt for new ways to win some free money, there is a new game on sky bet that gives you a fantastic chance at winning some free bets. This you can then turn into free money. 

sky bet match 5

The new Match 5 game from Sky Bet is very simple. 

You opt-in to the game on Sky Bet on the promotions page then each weekday. Reveal a new team each day. Then simply if that team wins at the weekend then you can win free bets. 

You will need to log in every day to make sure that you don’t miss a chance at the top prize. 

It is as simple as that. 

You need 2 wins to win a prize which starts off at a 50 pence free bet. Then if you get 5 wins you can get a £20 free bet.

This promo is currently set to run until the middle of May so the end of the current football season, so plenty of time to earn some free bets,

As usual your free bet is not included in the stake, but if you then get lucky on the free bet itself then just a couple of clicks each day can earn you some nice free money. 

So when Monday comes around make sure you are logging in each day for this chance at free cash.

This is similar to the bet365 free game where you get paid in free bets if your selection of games scores over a certain amount of goals. 

Really is as simple as that, using these free competitions is a great way to try and earn some free money. 

Same advice as always this is a chance at free money, betting and gambling in itself is risky. These games are completely risk-free, but can easily be a step into gambling, which is what the bookies are hoping, so staying disciplined and taking advantage of these games, gives you the upper hand on the bookies. 




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