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Take advantage of this limited time inbox pounds puzzles and survival offer to earn an easy £60

Inbox pounds right now is my favourite way to earn extra money on my phone, recently they have had some great game offers but none better than this boosted puzzles and survival offer.

If you haven’t done these offers before, they are really easy to do, inbox pounds is a get paid to website, which has lots of ways to make extra money, surveys is part of it but not the best.

The best offers are the games and the apps, you download a game or app, complete the requirements and get paid. You can then withdraw via PayPal or through vouchers. Read more about how to do these offers here

The boosted puzzles and survival offer to get £60

When I first did this offer, it was for £25, didn’t mind as it was quite doable without too much work and no expense. Now however pushing this to £60 makes this a very lucrative offer.

Find the link on the website, and click through, download the game you will then have 21 days to get your headquarters to Level 18

What type of game is it?

Puzzles and survival is a combination game between a city builder and a match 3 game.

Your primary function is to build your building focusing on the headquarters, and related building to up your level.
The higher level you go up the bigger the requirements and time.

How to complete this game as quickly as possible?

But from experience last time it is very doable. From my post of the last time I posted many of the tricks and tips to get Levelled up as quickly as possible

Follow these rules and you will make it in plenty of time with not too much work.

Basically never stop building, complete quests to get your rewards, use free codes, work on the campaign. For a full breakdown of ways to speed up the process check this out

What if you don’t get paid?

One of the best things about inbox pounds is their support. If you have followed the rules, not completed this game before on the same device then you will get paid, For any issues (very rarely) just simply send a support request with your screenshots of completion and you will get paid.

Follow my experience with support to ensure you get paid as quickly as possible – link

There have been many generous offers on inbox pounds lately, Ant Legion is one that comes to mind that was surprisingly quick to complete. This one itself is a superb offering and following previous methods on how to complete it, you know for sure this one is doable and pays out.

A lovely way to earn some money in spare time with little work

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