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Zilch sign up bonus doubled for one week only, don’t miss out on this amazing offer

Zilch for some time now has had an awesome referral offer, you sign up and they will give you the equivalent of £5 to spend in a wide variety of places. As is accustomed for bank holidays these referral bonuses are boosted, so for one week only the Zilch sign up bonus is doubled to £10.

What is zilch?

Zilch is another buy now pay later card, you connect zilch to your bank account, then you can either choose to pay over 6 weeks in instalments completely interest free, or you can pay as you would do normally the full amount, and subsequently earn extra rewards

A great way of boosting your money just by buying what you had planned anyway.

As with any credit if done correctly it can be worth your while, however not paying the instalments on time, will lead to consequences to your credit score, so make sure if are using the instalment method that you can afford to pay.

For me i would advise to instead always pay in full and claim the rewards.

The cashback used to be much better than what it is now, it is quite limited now but still can make a bit of money using this as opposed to not, but the good days of top notch amazon cashback have gone.

How to claim the Zilch sign up offer

So it must be noted that the zilch bonus now only works on tap and pay contactless methods of pay and not the online purchases any more. Here is how to claim:


  1. Click on the referral link to sign up.
  2. Verify your identity which can be done with passport
  3. In Zilch’s app tap My Account/ Zilch card to add your Zilch card to your digital wallet  How to add your Zilch card to Apple Pay / Samsung / Google Pay
  4. Make a Tap and Pay purchase (no minimum amount).

£10 in Rewards will automatically be added to your account which can be used online or in store

Your referral bonus will be paid based on when you sign up, so for the £10 you have until the 29th August to sign up, and then if the other steps are completed later you will still get the boosted bonus

Once signed up don’t forget to tell your friends and share your own referral link to get even more rewards.

How to use Zilch rewards

Once you have got the boosted rewards the next bit is the easy bit in using the rewards.

Using rewards online

You will see them in the top right corner of the app.

When you want to spend online, find the store that you want to use, then when you got to this screen make sure you toggle the rewards so it lights up green, then click through to the site, when you make a purchase use your zilch card and the rewards bonus will be taken off first.

zilch rewards

There is a small problem with zilch rewards, that if you buy and return items, your rewards are not refunded, so I only tend to buy amazon vouchers with my rewards and I would recommend doing the same.

Play the game make money don’t fall into the debt trap

Although this bonus offer is good, there is many reasons why i am not a fan of zilch, there is plenty of opportunity to get consumers into debt and end up paying more.

The rewards for example not being returned on refunds can easily put you out of pocket, and although you can get cashback you will likely get more cashback using other means.

The 6 week delayed payment seems handy, but there are plenty of ways that this can go wrong and have a detrimental impact on your card

But being smart with these offers you can definitely make some money, and remember that is what we are here for free money offers.

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