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Get 15% off own brand Amazon products for a limited time

Get 15% off own-brand Amazon products

At the moment there is a great offer on some Amazon-branded products for Prime members. Many are already reasonably priced, but if you spend £40 you can get an extra 15% off. 

15% off amazon

Just click the link and top up on supplies (ad)

There is a wide variety of different products that Amazon offer that are included, that can get a further discount with. 

This offer is really easy no need to enter a code or anything, just make sure you add £40+ to your basket. 

There is tonnes of different products on offer. 

Loo Roll
Kitchen Roll
Protein shakes and bars
Beauty products
and so many grocery options

Your discount will then be applied directly at checkout. So you will know what you have saved instantly 

As always with these discounts, I would only buy if you were buying anyway, or if replacement for your shopping, is it actually cheaper than what you would have bought?

Looking at many of the products they are certainly reasonably priced, so you may very well be able to save a good amount on your shopping this week. 

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