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Tips to complete empires and puzzles inbox pounds offer

Tips to complete level 20 empires and puzzles for inbox pounds offer

Last year I made some decent money, just by playing mobile games on my phone, not a bad way to spend some time in the background clicking buttons to earn some extra money.

I have earned in the last 12 months from the following games.

Mafia city £100 earned – £7 spent
Club vegas £45 earned – £0 spent
Bermude adventures £25earned – £0 spent
Star trek fleet command £65 earned £4.49 spent – Guide here
Solitaire Grand harvest £25 – £1.79 spent
Rise of kingdoms £40 earned £0 spent

You can read about all of them here, which gives some good tips on how to make sure you get paid for the offer – 

Inbox pounds and Swagbucks are excellent for these offers, as they can often be very much worth your time, they are also reliable payers of these offers as well. Whereas some sites are more sporadic

What are the empires and puzzles game offer?

The game offer is currently an opportunity to £41.50, what is good about the offer is that it’s in stages. So, you will get some money even if you don’t get to the top level. 

Empires and puzzle is a match 3 puzzle game, with also a city builder aspect to it. However, unlike other games it is the player level that needs to be reached not the HQ or stronghold.

  • Level 3 to earn 50 Pence (credit at Level 2
  • Level 6 to earn £1 (Credits at Level 5)
  • Level 11 to earn £10 (Credits at Level 10)
  • Level 16 to earn £10 (Credits at Level 15)
  • Level 21 to earn £20 (Credits at level 20)


You level up by gaining experience by completing certain game types. Either the Map or Quests.


Will you need to spend to complete this game?


This game as with others, offers lots of in game purchases but this is not a game that you need to spend to complete.

How to complete the offer

You need to get to Level 20, that is not the HQ as with similar games or in this version it is the stronghold. But for this game it is your actual level you need to get to Level 20, you do this by gaining experience from completing levels on the main campaign mode. 

Tips and tricks to get there in time. 

Each time you play a level you use energy that takes 10 minutes to replenish each one. It is this lack of energy that will halt your progress, so you want to maximise it. 

What you want to avoid doing is sitting on the energy ful and not being used you want to be using it regularly throughout the day.

Use diamonds to buy refills

You can use the diamonds that you get in the game to buy energy refills. Use these for times when you still have time to play but no energy left. 

Auto play

This game would be an insane grind if you had to play the game the whole time. But in the campaign mode there is an excellent auto play button, that will have you popping on a level while you do other stuff in the background. 

Auto play will not make for an optimal game and could mean you will lose some games that you could have won, but to keep this game as passive as possible then it is a must. 

Redo old levels. 

Another way that this game would be an insurmountable grind, would be if you only earned exp by completing the latest levels, as you would likely fail countless times and then having to worry that your heroes were up to scratch

But you can earn exp by playing old levels. The way I did it was if I was on Level 10, then when replaying levels, would go to world 8 that would be able to achieve comfortably on auto mode. This ensures that no game is ever wasted, and you can rack up those exp much quicker. 

Complete quests

Complete the quests to earn a better rate of exp and you can use the fast forward button to complete these much quicker as well. 

Complete starters pass and ‘path of valor’ objectives to earn good rewards that can be helpful in the game modes, particularly gems and refills. 


Level up your heroes

This will make it easier to complete harder game levels as quickly as possible. 

I only upgraded when had a three-star hero as there is no point upgrading the 1- or 2-star ones. As much as the way to get to Level 20 is through experience you will get their faster, by increasing your heroes ability and this means, growing crops training troops etc etc. So spend some time building up the city to make it easy as possible 


The big question Is it worth doing?

This game is a bit of a grind in all fairness, but there are many ways to make it less of a grind, so if you think you can have your phone on in background auto playing and randomly clicking every so often, to level up buildings and your heroes, then this is worth it. 

But it must be said you take a few days off and it might be quite hard to get to the level required. But if you have enjoyed these sorts of games before and can stick with them. Then £40+ for this is a good offer. 


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