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What is matched betting and how to earn money from it?

Matched betting is the side hustle that for some reason has passed me by in my money-earning endeavours, I have tried so many others, surveysuser testingKDP. But always ignored matched betting. Maybe because I thought it was too good to be true and let me tell you it is not.

After two months of being registered with Outplayed, I have made the easiest £250 I could have asked for and now am earning regular money each week. Making the monthly subscription well worth keeping signed up to as I top up my tax-free bonus money. 


So what is matched betting?

Matched betting is a completely legal, risk-free, tax-free way of making money through bookmakers. Through signing up to a wide variety of betting companies and exchanges, taking advantage of their promotions and free bet offers. You can cover every outcome on a bet and take home a guaranteed profit with every bet you place. 

The way this is done is by placing two bets. 

Back bet is what most are familiar with when you bet on the possible outcome. So if Man Utd are playing Arsenal. Your bet is for Man Utd to win, that is your back bet. 

Your Lay bet is one you make on a betting exchange, and this bet means you are betting against Man Utd to win. So if it is a draw or Arsenal win, then your lay bet wins. 

So when the betting companies give you a free bet, you can use these to back a bet on a bookmaker, lay the bet on an exchange and you will take home a guaranteed profit. 

What you need to get started

So all you need is to be over 18 have a bit of money to start with. You will be able to complete more opening offers at the same time the more money you have. But I started with £100 when first started and let this grow.

I started with Outplayed free trial offers and this topped up my money quite comfortably

There are lots of different ways to earn with matched betting, depending on the betting offers. There is much more to it then just utilising the sign up offers. So even when you have signed up with them all can still earn through free bet and reload offers. 

Sign up offers

These are offers for when you sign up with new companies, these are normally the best ones which give a good amount of free money when you sign up. 

Normally there will be a small qualifying bet which when you bet and lay you will lose a small amount of money, but in return get some very nice free bets which following the calculators and guides, which are easy to do, you will get your profit. There is quite a lot of sign up offers to take advantage of, but yes you will eventually run out. 

Reload offers

This is where matched betting really comes into play, the main reason I hadn’t done this earlier, is because I had already signed up to many of the betting companies so could not take advantage of the sign ups or at least some of them. However when realising that when betting with companies there are many reload offers. Which gives you free bets when betting so much a week or random promotions. 

The frequency of these makes it easy to see how people can make a long term income. 

On outplayed the forum and the guides show you exactly how to find these, with daily lists given out for all of the offers. 

You can also earn with so many other different types of bets, cash back bets, extra place bets, so many ways to top up the balance. 

Not going to say this is passive income as there is work involved, but as long as you do as the calculators tell you to do and follow the guides, it is risk free tax free money 

A word of warning however

I would be wary with this side hustle if you are not 100% disciplined. Gambling works for big companies, because the excitement can draw you in, the chance of winning big money, makes you want to click that bet button.

You are not going to be winning big bucks, unless doing advantage betting, if you want guaranteed profit, then you will be earning small amounts here and there. 

Don’t get sucked in stick to the plan and the calculators. 

Will you get banned

In matched betting land, it is called being ‘gubbed’ If you use the offers and the different sites too much eventually they may catch up with you and stop offering you the reload offers. This will mean your steady income will stop. 

So far I have only been warned by people who used to partake. So I shall keep going until this has happened

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When you start, just make sure to take your time, don’t rush, and check what you’re doing, but if you do as instructed this is an easy surefire way to make some free money. 

Get started now with a free trial and then you have nothing to lose. 

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