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How to get an easy 20 pounds with merge gardens inbox pounds offer

How to get 20 pounds with merge gardens inbox pounds offer by reaching a level 10 oak

merge gardens inbox pounds offer

I have found another game on inbox pounds which is quite easy to complete, with no spend, that can earn an easy 20 pound. 


I have completed a number of these offers that can be found here:

Star trek fleet command

Empires and puzzles

Puzzles and survival

and many more


This one is merge gardens and is for 20 pounds, it is quite a simple game to play. Clue in the name it is a merge 3 game. You complete objectives to move up levels, and complete puzzle games for more exp. 


The requirements of this game. 

The requirements of this game are not as straightforward as other games. But this makes it even easier. You need to get to a level 10 oak. But the game pends at Level 9, which considerably cuts down the time needed to complete.


How to complete the game

So, you can’t start growing oak trees until you unlock level 10 of the game. So, until then you need to complete the objectives to get to level 10. The good news for this is it is easy to do, go through them one by one, completing nothing other than the objectives set out, you will need to complete some puzzle games, but I wouldn’t complete more than is needed for each level.


Then once you get to Level 10 you will unlock a ‘grassy tuft’ then you click on it for the birds to harvest it and start planting acorns. 


If you wait the acorns will grow to level 1 oak saplings, then these can be merged and repeatedly merged until you can make it to Level 9. 

So ultimately get to level 10, and then keep clicking and merging the grassy knoll until you have hit the ancient oak. 


The game really is as simple as that. 


So broken down easily follow this Step-by-step guide 


Play the game until you reach the level 10 area.


At level 10, you will find a “Grassy Tuft”. It looks like the picture above

Double click on the grassy tuft to harvest “Acorns” with the help of the bird army. Harvest as many as you can.

I sold all of my unnecessary items so that I had plenty of room for acorns and nothing else, using the money to buy more eggs, so I could have more birds and harvest more acorns,

Once the acorns are harvested – leave them and leave the game open. They will evolve into Level 1 Oak Trees. (If you close the game down, they won’t grow.)

oak trees

Merge oak trees into higher level oak you are better off waiting till you have 5 of the same oak trees as you will get more than if you merge other numbers, but what I tended to do is harvest all of the acorns wait merge everything in one go, this makes it much quicker, with the bigger ones I would try and get 5 of the same however.



Repeat until you have a Level 9 Oak tree as seen in the picture above.

This site is brilliant for telling you everything you need to know about merge gardens, the oak page will tell you what you need to reach. Check it out here

Trick and tips to complete the offer easier

There are some further tips to get the job done quicker and claim your 20 pound.

  • Never sell acorns, or trees.
  • When you get a tree in a glass case, click it and watch a video for a free oak tree.
  • Merge the eggs to get more flying birds and use money to buy the eggs for even more.
  • Buy additional bird boxes to restore birds faster merge for even quicker and also to save space.
  • Sell anything else that isn’t needed for the acorns
  • Only do puzzle levels when you need to complete them to level up.
  • If you need wood or chests, harvest trees.

It is rare but if you ever have a problem with inbox pounds it is easy to make sure you still get paid if you completed the offer correctly. Check out this guide on what to do in this situation. 

Problem with inbox pounds offer? here is what you need to do



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